Philafrica Foods

Philafrica is an investment company involved in food processing with the slogan – “Food processing across Africa – for the people by the people”.

Philafrica’s vision is to unlock the potential of African agriculture. With millions of hectares of high potential agricultural lands – of which only a small portion is currently under cultivation – Africa holds the potential to feed the world. But the reality today is much different. Most African countries are net importers of processed and manufactured food products.

At Philafrica Foods, there is a belief that the most effective way to transform African agriculture is market pull through processing plants. But to do this well in Africa, it’s critical to support each stage of the value chain and care for all stakeholders. It means vertical integration straight back to the farm gate. It means working closely with smallholder farmers on crop variety improvement and technical assistance. It means staying current on global commodities markets to ensure leading procurement practices. It means implementing best manufacturing practices and adapting the business model based on local market conditions. It’s doing business differently, disruptively, and with a dose of love. That’s right. . . love. In how we treat our employees. In our work with our farmers. And in our long-term commitment to the continent of Africa.

Philafrica Foods is headquartered in South Africa, where it owns and operates maize mills, wheat mills, an oilseed crushing, extraction, and refining plant, and animal feeds manufacturing plants spanning all animal categories.